Anth – Set fire to the rain (Rap lyrics) + Download

Damn, can’t believe where we’re at now
You said it’s my fault ,but I don’t even know how
You always said that I’m the only to blame
But now I realized that I should have the same
After every single lie about them other guys
And after all the times that you made me cry
How could I be so dumb to let all that slide?
How could I be so stupid to stay by your side?
But I, couldn’t see it, love just had me blind
And all you did was take advantage of it everytime
As long as you were mine, I didn’t care about a thing
A slave for your love, a puppet on your string
So just tell me that you love me, ‘cus that’s all i wanna hear
And there I go again believing something I can’t feel
As long as you were here, I didn’t care if it was real
I learned that love is pain and the bruise is showing clear

As time goes on, and time goes by
I’m still missing you, and I just don’t know why
Every girl that I find always seem to remind
Back to a point in time when I was proud to call you mine
So I, switch my mind, hoping things would change
But it never does, and you always stays the same
So I find another girl, so my heart can relax
But like magnets we attract, so I keep on coming back
Then it’s the same ol’ thing
Ding ding, step in the ring
Fights every night, promises don’t mean a thing
It seels like every year, that we are standing here
The only thing that grows, is the amount of tears
But loving you is hard to regret
And wanting you is so hard to forget
But I would rather feel upset, instead of any neglect
I’m just a cadet fighting for your love, what’s next?

And it seems like, ever since we’ve been over
You only call and text me whenever you’re not sober
You go out with your friends thinking nights will never end
But once you back home, the pain is back again
We started out as friends, then slowly moved above
We were walking up in lust, tripped, fell in love
I always thought you’d be the one, a perfect match to
But usually the one you fall for, isn’t the one to catch you
Love is a battle, and trust is fragile
And all you ever did was run it into the gravel
I gave you full control, I gave all you my soul
Cus I was never brave enough to ever let you go
So try to find a guy who will love you like I
Who will put up with the lies and the fake alibis
Time for goodbye, girl I already told ya’
Take out the cartridge, game over

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