taki taki anth Lyrics

Anth – Taki Taki Lyrics Ft. Conor Maynard

Hey mami vamanos pa la disco
Yeah I love how you move it tan despacito
Girl I want un besito bien suavicito bebe
Taki taki
Oo baby won’t you come my way
Call an uber cus the boy can’t wait
Leave the club, I’ll show you where I stay
Imma give it to you, andale
I want that cake, it ain’t my birthday
Imma eat it like it’s an entree
From the bed, the floor, the hallway
Give it to me, forget the foreplay
Bad bitch wanna kick it like a hat trick
No time for a bitch who looking average
I’m a king I should be up in a palace
But for now you can catch me where the cash is
I’m the man, no time for no romance
You ain’t a 10, then bitch you got no chance
I fuck the waitress, tip her like 4 grand
She got a man? But bitch he ain’t no Anth, ah
Tell me everything that’s on your mind
All the dirty little things you hide
Yeah we gonna do it all tonight
And when we’re done we’ll do it one more
Cus dancing like you dont care if people see
You move it like there’s no one but you and me
Girl I am with it, we don’t need privacy, no privacy
Yeah bring me the goose
Yeah bring me the don
Yeah bring me a bitch que baila reggaeton
Uber to my crib, and girl you know it’s on
Only thing we wearin
Is perfume and cologne
All you hoes
Will you stop leaving all your clothes
On the floor of my brand new home
It’s like honestly ?
I got no room for that bullshit
In that dress you rockin girl estas dura
Spanish mami all the way from Hondura
You a hundred outta 10 estas dura
Dura dura dura
Fuck a bottle, bitch I’m buying every table
Puerto rican, got a body like she like J. Lo
She know she naughty, but she swear that she angel
She got a man but tonight she ain’t gon be faithful
I’ve don’t know who you been, fucking with lately
All I know is your friends, say that he ain’t me
All know is you keep, calling me baby
All I know is I been driving you crazy
No pressure, competition is never
She wanna talk body well bitch I’m the professor
She lived that good life, got better when I met her
Spanish girls watch me and love me like novellas
They all like
Ya, ya
Where my Colombianas like?
Ya, ya
And Dominicanas like
Ya ya
Vamps pa mi cama like
Taki, taki, rumba

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