Conor Maynard : Sensualidad

Conor Maynard : Sensualidad Full Lyrics Video Ft. Anth Rap

hey baby tu sensualidad
Me tiene al borde de la locura
Y esto no es casualidad
Te beso y sube la temperatura

I´ve been thinking bout you recently
I wanna see you work that out for me
Cause trynna be without you is all for me
I like it better when you´re here on top of me

5 in the morning you´re just getting home
Telling me you´re alone
Telling me you´re on a road
I´m booking? a new Uber a phone yeah
I´ll take you back in the morning
Baby i know that you want it
Baby i know that im on it

Body looking good, Better under me
Loving you so good girl, It shouldn´t be for free
So forget staying the night girl, You could stay the week
I´m turning up my phone, It´s just you and me

Mami dime dónde estás
Sabes que yo voy pa´ allá
Como tu me tienes dime que tu quieres
Sabes que te voy a dar
En la cama tu ganas te gusta así
Imaginando tu cuerpo aquí con mi(go)

Girl where you wanna go, i follow you
Just keep it on the low, its only you
Don´t play the games i know, im feeling you
Lord knows i wanna know, you feel it too
You feel it too, so why ain´t you coming through
Cancel all your plans baby i got plans with you
So what it do, girl what you gotta lose
Switching all positions any time you want me to

They say you were good girl but i see the freak in you
Cancel all your plans girl got some things that we can do
The neighbours know my name girl every time im pleasing you?

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